We don’t believe in shortcuts. We don’t compromise, always pulling out all the stops to achieve our goals. We believe in going that extra mile to put in the hard work, conviction, and boldness to ensure that we stay true to our high standards.

Budweiser is “Brewed the Hard Way”, for the people who hold similar beliefs.

Proud of who we are, we believe in dreaming with boldness, and pursuing what we want with a strong conviction. With a confidence that comes only from knowing who you truly are. And what you stand for.


The journey to perfection is not a short or simple one. Being at the top of your game for almost a century and a half, is not easy. We have never held back in our quest for greatness. We believe in never compromising on the quality, rigour, and dedication that it takes to be the best. We believe in being Brewed The Hard Way.


We choose the hard way for our brewing process. Though the technology involved with the time the original brewing recipe has stayed the course since it’s inception in 1876. We continue to be one of the only brewers to age over beechwood for 21 days for a crisp, smooth finish, utilizing the choicest ingredients from three generations of farmers. Grown in America, Beechwood is harvested and processed into chips for use in Budweiser’s fermenting process. Beechwood aging enhances fermentation, creating a crisper, more sparkling carbonation while imparting smoothness to the characteristic taste if Budweiser. Budweiser is worth the wait and it’s this very commitment to being Brewed The Hard Way that has driven us for 140+ years.


141 years ago, the story began. The story of ambition and freedom that originated in St. Louis and became the famous Budweiser. Take a look at our beginnings, and our dream to brew the best beer in the world.

How do you continue to be at the top of your game, for 140+ years? How do you make sure to never compromise on the quality, rigour, and dedication that it takes to be the best? By not holding back in your quest for greatness. By not taking shortcuts. By being Brewed The Hard Way.