Dualist Inquiry’s Brewed The Hard Way Journey

Freedom- The one characteristic that typifies Budweiser and a musician like Dualist Inquiry. It is this freedom that drove Sahej Bakshi to find within him- Dualist Inquiry, and to create his trademark genre-bending music, the kind which the world had never seen. Budweiser showcases this ultimate freedom of Dualist Inquiry.

Dualist Inquiry on how freedom fueled his rise to the top...

Pre-career, landing up accidentally at Sunburn 2009

“This moment, technically, happened before my career started, but it was a defining one nonetheless. Until then, I had assumed that I would pursue my career as a musician in the US, where I was based at the time. I was back in India on vacation from college in Los Angeles. I joined a last-minute plan to head to Goa with some friends. We were just bumming around Vagator-Candolim and heard about this festival called Sunburn. We bought passes at the gate, walked in, and I was totally blown away by how legitimately awesome the vibe was at the time. Attending such a festival in my home country and seeing Indian dudes like myself (Jalebee Cartel) kill it on the main stage made me think, ‘I need to be up there too.’”

Showing up in Delhi and meeting DJ MoCity

“When I moved back to India after my college education, I knew no-one and nothing about the Indian music scene. My only strategy was to carry a bunch of CDs with my music on it at all times. I got lucky enough to run into DJ MoCity at Holi Cow Festival in 2010. He and I teamed up as artist-and-manager, and that was when things started to happen for real. He really believed in me and my music, so he kept motivating me to do new things and kept finding ways to reach out to the fanbase we hadn't met yet. He got me my first few club gigs, helped me orchestrate the Dualism EP launch, the Gravitat video shoot and so much more.”

Opening for David Guetta at the Invasion Festival

“Things were going well and my career was gaining momentum. By that I mean that gigs has started coming in consistently, and I was picking up new fans at a slow but steady pace. I was finally traveling all over the country to play gigs, but I'd say that was before any sort of major hype or fanfare hit. But when I was suddenly chosen to open the stage for David Guetta in three cities on his maiden Indian tour, things went to another level. The number of gigs I was playing tripled, and I got to play all of the major Indian festivals that year.”

Releasing my album Doppelgänger

“In 2013, I could feel the weight of people's lofty expectations from my debut album. The best way to deal with such pressure is to not think about it too much, not let it get to you. We dropped the album in March 2013, and that also incidentally marked the beginning of my professional relationship with Tej Brar as my manager. I had gone all-in while making that album, and couldn't have possibly put more of myself into it. I remember when I showed the album to Sohail Arora who had previously been my manager, and he told me that he's proud to hear such an album from one of his friends. Also, hearing from people in my life who I hadn't heard from in years, saying that they enjoyed the music was special. Doppelgänger was really well received and the rest of the year was just a dreamlike blur.”


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