Robin Singh’s Brewed The Hard Way Journey

Ambition- The driving factor behind both: Budweiser, and Robin Singh, lead striker of the Indian Football team. It is this limitless quest of ambition that made Robin choose football over cricket at a very young age. Budweiser raises a toast to this never-give-up attitude of Robin Singh.

Robin Singh’s goal is to scale the football summit

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He has a unique heritage...

“Growing up, my father made sure I was told all about my grandfather’s journey. I was well aware of it. The stories I heard definitely inspired me. My grandfather and I would kick the ball around the house all the time. My earliest memories of playing football as a child are of the neighbourhood aunty screaming at me for kicking the ball on the garage door. She still fights with me when she sees me do this.”

He learned early to overcome obstacles...

“The biggest hurdle I faced as a kid growing up and wanting to play football was to find an academy to play at. My first academy was four hours away. It did not have the best infrastructure for developing athletes. I am happy to witness so many soccer schools now for young dreamers. Opportunities have definitely come a long way, and there is immense scope.”

He has great mental strength....

“I dealt with the loss in the Subroto Cup finals by making sure I work hard and try my best to never miss a penalty again. When it comes to Chandigarh Football Academy’s decision to axe me after the Subroto Cup, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but my job is to wake up every day with a determination to work harder than the previous day.”

(Photo Credit: Indian Super League)

He’s played for an iconic Indian club...

“East Bengal was my first professional club. I am grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to play for them. My proudest moment is definitely scoring in the derby game against Mohun Bagan. They were our biggest rivals and it definitely gave us some bragging rights!”

(Photo Credit: Indian Super League)

And represented the country..

“It’s always an honour to play for your country, be it with the under-16 or under-23 teams. Every time I play for the national team, it has been a memorable experience. I wish to be able to do it for as long as I can.”

There’s always room for improvement....

“Hard work, persistence, focus, dedication and a passion to succeed has definitely taken me a long way. I’ve had to work on my temperament and my patience, and I still do every day. My aim as a professional is always to play the best football that I can, to take my team to the finals, score as many goals as possible, and make my team proud.”

He wants you to be the best version of yourself...

“Stay focused, stay strong, be true to your ambition, work hard, and always dream big. Never give up.”


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